Aluminium Profiles

For all SWISS FLOORS flooring, we offer matching aluminium profiles for different room situations in three different colours. The range includes three profile models: with the junction profile, a perfect junction between different living spaces or flooring areas is achieved. The adjustment profile is ideal for the junction of living spaces with different floor heights or types of flooring. If the difference between the flooring areas is too large for the increment to be dealt with the adjustment profile, a professional junction can be achieved with our connecting profile. Our aluminium profiles offer the following advantages:

  • Automatic, (stepless) adjustment in height and incline
  • Optimal, permanent traction provided by the drilling screws
  • Particularly flat, elegant profile design
  • Simple and safe assembly and disassembly
  • Suitable for flooring thicknesses of 6 - 13 mm

Multifunctional flooring underlay

The multifunctional SWISS KRONO AG ProVent flooring underlay with the unique Micropumping System provides an all-round pleasant and quiet atmosphere. Installing the SWISS KRONO AG ProVent flooring underlay ensures under floor ventilation of the flooring, protection against moisture and mould formation, the reduction of footfall and impact sound and compensates for subtle irregularities of the flooring.

Skirting boards

We offer matching skirting boards for all SWISS KRONO AG laminate flooring from the Swiss Floor Collection. In total, 41 patterns are available.