Conserve resources and maximise CO2 reduction

SWISS KRONO AG focuses on resource efficiency and sustainable energy supply. “An ingenious concept” is right, the material and energy flow from one to another. This reduces CO2 emissions and improves the overall value of wood in all aspects.

As a wood processing company, we completely agree with the Cascade strategy, the Timber circle. The products are made from virgin wood; the required energy is produced from recycled wood, after it has gone through its many possible life times, and replaces the use of fossil energy.

Together with partners, customers and suppliers, we operate a recycling concept which allows the usage of the timber to come full circle. It is ideal to ensure the ultimate utilisation of wood. Increasingly we are able to collect customer’s off-cuts and unwanted furniture, on the vehicle that has delivered the new panels. This of course reduces transportation, and provides us with a source of energy.

The newly functioning Biomass energy Generator (Spring 2010) complements the existing infrastructure to produce renewable, CO2-free energy. We therefore make an important contribution towards the national goal of reducing greenhouse gases for healthy air.

The environmental performance of SWISS KRONO AG products are excellent. Compared with similar Factories our CO2 emissions per unit of production are around ten times smaller – as a result of our corporate strategy we are achieving our goals; both product and energy travel shorter distances, providing renewable energy, leading ultimately to total energy efficiency.

Nature is in our Heart

Ecology is our default setting, it effects all of our decisions. All projects involving development of our infrastructure, or logistics are planed around our desire to establish long term relations with the local authorities, environmental organisations and our neighbors.

With the certification of our environmental management system (ISO14001), we have introduced a tool to optimise our resource use continuously. All raw materials are recycled as much as possible. Only after comprehensive recycling, are the products finally burnt to create energy. Every aspect of SWISS KRONO AG follows nature’s natural cycle.

Energy streams can be used several times due to our recovery processes. In all processes, we recycle everything that is not used in the product. Medium and long term effects of all our development have priority in the organic growth of our production system.

With targeted investments in modern technologies for energy production, air/water purification and rail logistics, we constantly improve the environmental effect of our actions, based on closed circuit re-cycling concepts.

Quelle Lignum 2011, M. Murschetz, angepasst durch SWISS KRONO AG