The landed is purchased from the local authorities, so that the foundations for the first buildings can begin.

1966 Foundation of the company as an «AG for Wood Industry.», as it is
entered into the Swiss Commercial Register as a Corporation for the wood industry.

1969 In September the first Chipboard leaves the factory, and son after full production is achieved with 1100 m3 per month.

1970 There are about 50 people working for the company

1973 The company has grown to over a 100 workers.

1976 The first high-frequency Chipboard line (Karl IV), and a double-end tenoner (Torwegge) with fully automated dust extraction system are installed.


Installation of one of the first continuous Particleboard plants.
This is followed by a major increase in the use of natural gas, and thus largely turning away from fossil fuel oil as an energy source.

1985 Name changed to Kronospan AG.

1986 The first Paper Impregnation plant goes into operation.

1992 A Schelling Saw is installed and made operational.
Manufacture of thin chipboard begins on a new Mende type system.

1996 Start of the production of laminate flooring.

1998 ISO certification forms the basis of an environmental management system.

1999 Start of the production of MDF / HDF board.
Building of a separate rail terminal on the factory site.
Expansion woodyard for the MDF production.

2000 400 workers are employed at Kronospan AG.

2002 Direct Printing facility is installed, and begins production.

2004 Name changed to «Kronospan Switzerland Ltd.»

2010 Commissioning of the Biomass Generator.

2012 Commissioning of the short cycle press «W7».

2014 Commissioning of the Profi Center.
Groundbreaking new competence center.

2016 Name changed to «SWISS KRONO AG»